Foundation Training : Basics

erin n me

Annalisa Rush and Erin McCarthy are Certified Foundation Training Instructors. Take advantage of discounted rates to learn the basics of this phenomenal movement program.

*Relieve back and joint pain
*Tone and strengthen the core: all muscles that insert into the pelvis
*Strengthen your posterior chain and feel the ease of proper movement.
*Create space between joints and in internal systems
*Increase lung capacity and feeling of well-being
*Find power to perform optimally in untapped ways

Your body will enjoy it!

Virtual training available through PayPal.

Prices below are subject to change.

55 minute private 1-on-1 training.

1 Session, $40

10 Sessions,  $375


30 minute private 1-on-1 training.

1 Session, $25

10 Sessions, $225


55 minute 2 people with a trainer.

1 Session, $28 each

10 Sessions, $260 each


30 minute 2 or more people (up to 8) with a trainer.

1 Session, $10 each

10 Sessions, $90 each



I’ve almost reached my goal

I’ve left some posts unfinished, like the last one about relationships, but I guess that’s just how my blog will be…I’m going to jump around and share what’s current, just because.

So, seven weeks ago, I decided I needed to get serious about losing weight. Although I’m pretty fit, eat a fairly healthy diet, and am in relatively good health, I did notice my clothes fitting tighter and the numbers starting to slowly climb on the scale.

For the last two years, I’ve tried (not super hard) to at least maintain my post-partum weight, which was lower than it had been for about 8 years. Then, over the last few months, I succumbed to stress and fell in love with refined carbs again. Tortilla chips, my favorite brand of Costco bread, and chocolate, to name a few.

“I love to eat! I don’t care about getting a little heavier, I don’t want to give anything up!” That’s been my mindset lately. Pair that with a pesky hip issue that’s hindering my ability to run or even walk long distances, and I was facing  a perfect recipe for weight gain.

A company I’ve partnered with for the last few years, helped renew my resolve to really look at my life and set some goals. The company launched a national challenge to lose 10% of one’s body weight, as a goal to realize basic health improvements. Support groups, research-based nutritional products, healthy tips, and prizes were available to keep participants motivated and accountable.

Although I did register to participate in the challenge, I decided to pursue my own leadership path along with lots of help from the larger community engaging together.  Since I used to train large groups in goal setting and fitness, I created a mini workshop for myself and others.  My intent was to complete the activity for myself, then enlist others to join me in making positive changes this year.   I felt like I should offer this service for free, for anyone so inclined to let me help them each their goals; then, if and when the goals are achieved, maybe I can use testimonials and turn it into a viable coaching service someday! But I digress…

If you read some of the earlier posts about weight loss, you’ll find more info on what worked for me. The starting point was to create a S.M.A.R.T. goal, then work through all of the personal “why’s”, potential obstacles, strategies to overcome them, tools or resources needed, etc.

(This, and more, is part of my workshop, so if you want to go through it with me, let me know, and we’ll connect)

Then, I decided to get into the weight loss mind set by reading simple how-to and self-help books (see other posts for resources). Even though I’ve been through a rigorous fitness certification program and trained people on this very topic, I felt it was important to look at different perspectives and stories to see if anything new resonated with me…and lots did!

The result?

(Drum roll) I’m three pounds and 2.5 weeks away from achieving my goal: to lose 10 pounds in 8-10 weeks (safe weight loss is 1-2 pounds/week)…yay for me! I feel lots better.

Here’s what helped:

Keep a food diary on a calendar on the fridge! Write every morsel and sip down. This action alone helped me reduce portions, become aware of areas I needed to improve, and make better choices, because everyone could see it in plain view! Accountability, people. It’s important.

Recognize true hunger vs craving. Experiment: try to let yourself get hungry a few times (unless you have special health concerns related to blood sugar or other dietary issues). Ask yourself if it’s nutrient dense or just darn tasty? Drink a full glass of water or tea, then decide.  Distract yourself. Gnaw on some raw veggies. Be mindful of your energy expenditure/caloric intake radio…is the latter exceeding the former?

Take body measurements. It’s fun to do it again, after you’ve reached your goal(s).

Eat what you like still, but try to eat a little less of it at any given sitting. Speaking of that, sit down, slow down, and think about the energy required to bring that food into your life at that moment.  Mindful eating.

I can recommend some effective natural products that can act as an “insurance policy” as you’re making some changes…let me know if you’re interested. I prefer to promote lifelong, nutritional and behavioral lifestyle changes, but sometimes it helps to get extra, temporary help to jump start new patterns and help you stay motivated by seeing quick results. I do benefit from one of them a little, as part of my wellness business, so thanks 🙂 Youth programs in my area also benefit, so thanks from them, too! And, of course you will definitely benefit. That’s what all this is about, right?

Exercise some every day (please check with your doctor first). If you’ve never done it, all it takes is starting to move your large muscle groups for 5-10 minutes a day. Back, legs, arms, chest. Simple things like sit in a chair, engage your abdominal muscles (draw navel towards spine), do some arm raises, and seated stepping for 4 weeks. Then, add another 10- minute session just standing up and then back down in a chair. Do all moves for another 4 weeks. There are soooo many simple ways to start using your own body weight as resistance to gain strength and function.

Let me know if you’d like to discuss home-based exercise routines or basic guidelines for exercise.

Celebrate small successes! Not with heaps of comfort food, however!

Say often, “enough is a feast”. Write it down somewhere you can see it.

Play around with portion reduction.

Let veggies take up most of the space on your plate.

Check out  She is a prolific nutrition writer, so be prepared for LOTS of content, but she has free downloads and good info on keeping your system alkaline vs acidic.

Let me know if you want to join me in creating positive life changes by 12-13-14! It’s a cosmic date (numerologists help me out here), or just seems significant in my mind. We’ve had sequential dates like that for the past few years (10-11-12,11-12-13, etc), but this is the last time for another 90+ years until it will happen again. So let it be a symbol to make this year your best! Whether it’s weight loss or other personal goals, I’d love to help share some gifts.