Get out of pain. Move easier. Prevent injury.

Once you’ve tried some free videos on, try the dvds/digital downloads.

Foundation Training is a powerful but simple tool to help people in pain find relief. Start with some of the free videos to see how improvements can be felt quickly. Then, begin a simple but regular practice with the dvds or downloads. These short routines (some are only 5-7 min) are low input, high reward.



Foundation Training remote session subscription

Click the buy now button below to join Certified Foundation Trainers, Annalisa Rush or Erin McCarthy via interactive video.

Annalisa offers basic and athletic performance instruction. Erin offers rehabilitative and therapeutic instruction. Both instructors will customize programs based on health questionnaires from clients.

Please visit the About page for bios and the Forms page for new client information.

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Outdoor Virtual Sessions

  • Summer Vitality: See and hear soothing ocean sounds as you learn how to move your body out of pain and into a place of strength, balance, and proper function. Sounds of creeks flowing over cobble stones may also play their tunes while we guide your body to feeling great. The sea stacks in the bay are towering formations with the brilliant sunshine sparkling its reflection upon the calm waters, seagulls gently bobbing with the easy swells. Now you can join us in these beautiful settings via interactive video training.



Foundation Training : Basics

erin n me

Annalisa Rush and Erin McCarthy are Certified Foundation Training Instructors. Take advantage of discounted rates to learn the basics of this phenomenal movement program.

*Relieve back and joint pain
*Tone and strengthen the core: all muscles that insert into the pelvis
*Strengthen your posterior chain and feel the ease of proper movement.
*Create space between joints and in internal systems
*Increase lung capacity and feeling of well-being
*Find power to perform optimally in untapped ways

Your body will enjoy it!

Virtual training available through PayPal.

Prices below are subject to change.

55 minute private 1-on-1 training.

1 Session, $40

10 Sessions,  $375


30 minute private 1-on-1 training.

1 Session, $25

10 Sessions, $225


55 minute 2 people with a trainer.

1 Session, $28 each

10 Sessions, $260 each


30 minute 2 or more people (up to 8) with a trainer.

1 Session, $10 each

10 Sessions, $90 each


Foundation Training

Childbearing/birth, age, hormone changes, and changes in movements can have significant impacts on women’s bodies. Although I am relatively fit, and have lived an active life, that also changed once I had children. Diastasis recti, umbilical hernias, joint issues, skin and hair changes, and more fun conditions have challenged my mom body.

I have been dealing with chronic hip pain for many months now. I am learning about Foundation Training as a means to improve movement and (hopefully) avoid surgery. As a former Personal Trainer, I am definitely intrigued and excited to become certified in this approach to healing, managing pain, and strengthening.

The testimonials are impressive, and I will post mine in the coming months.

Take a look: Foundation Training

…may you find true healing, as well!

a new energy paradigm

FINALLY, the hemp industrial and environmental revolution is here! Obama signed the new Farm Bill into law : HR 525 & S. 359 paving the way for states to begin cultivation of industrial hemp for research purposes.  California Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 566 last year which legalizes industrial hemp development in my state. Through some initial research  it appears that 9 states have adopted hemp legalization,  and 11 more are pending.

This is incredible news with tremendous potential for boosting the American economy, creating cleaner industries, and sustainable jobs creation.  I’ve been waiting for this for half of my life, and now I can’t contain my excitement about creating a huge buzz about it (no pun intended for those of you thinking this is about the psychoactive kind of marijuana…industrial hemp doesn’t do that).

Let’s get educated and start creating some green businesses

Hempcrete, biofuel, paper, plastics, food security, cosmetics, the list is extensive.

highlighting paradise

This blog world is new to me. It’s fun to write about my passions and have other people actually be interested!  I live in an isolated and rural, but spectacularly beautiful part of the world, so it’s nice to feel connected to a diversity of minds from far away places.

I crave travel and culture, but family and home have rooted me in this natural paradise for a spell. So, I’ll plant a big garden, revel in my kid’s childhood, and find new adventures here. However, I’m excited to be joining in a global network of communicators, to live vicariously through your stories, peek into your world, & share ideas.

Here is a taste of the haven in which a community of very unique people and creatures live (blog I wrote for vacation rental in our tiny hamlet):

Look for more pics soon!

Where is your paradise?




Relationship harmony

Although I have to say it’s always a work in progress, I can say that I’ve found many ways to improve my relationships. I’ll start with…gosh, where do I start?


Write down what you’re thankful for, no matter how small, every day.

Tell those you’re with what you appreciate about them often.

Ask for (or pray for, if you do that) what you want out of each day (I am a big fan of writing everything down) from God, the universe, yourself, etc. This is the law of attraction…attract what you want, make it principle-driven. For example, I have 2 kids, so I might ask for patience, understanding, wisdom, calm, and lots of money! Just kidding…or not 🙂

Google affirmations for (fill in the blank for your issue), print them out, cut them up, & put them in a jar or bowl. Read a few each day. For example, maybe you’d look up “affirmations for creating a loving relationship”. Or make up your own:

“My husband loves me deeply”, “my relationship has many moments of harmony every day”, “I recognize the things that I can change”, “I decide to make small, positive changes today” , “I show gratitude often today”, you get the idea. Yes, you’ll feel like Stuart Smalley on SNL, but they really help!

Create a special place to hang happy pictures of you & person with whom you want to improve relations.

Consider going to therapy if it’s bad! Sometimes you just need someone to listen to you. Even if the other person doesn’t go with you, at least you’ll work through stuff you need to and might get help learning how to deal. Just make sure the advice you’re given doesn’t hurt other people…I’ve seen that happen. Try to find someone who is healing, nurturing, etc.

Paraphrase: when someone blurts out something hurtful, instead of reacting, simply stay calm and ask, “so what you’re saying is….(insert your understanding of comment here)?”

Example: “That idea is stupid!”

You say, “so what you’re saying is that you think my idea is not very smart? ”


This kind of dissipates the intensity and gets dialogue moving in a more mature direction.

Actually, now I realize that I’m delving into the conflict resolution course, so I’ll save that kind of stuff for later.

Read the Venus and Mars books on female/male relations. I read the one about how we handle stress differently. It has some very interesting insights, helpful nuggets, and compelling points. Bottom line, men need cave time & to feel gratitude, women need to be listened to & not fixed.

Installment 1 of many , over for now…good luck!