Environmental Wellness

I’m inspired to share a blog created by a friend who is immersing herself in an amazing educational journey, facing her fears head on, and fulfilling her dreams of making a positive difference for the Earth through environmental stewardship and a very involved internship.

Check her stories out and experience beautiful Alaska: http://environmentfortheamericas.WordPress.com/

I want to thank you for following my blog! Since I have your attention, I’ll take the opportunity to share my thoughts about consumer responsibility. The United States is the largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions over the last century, over 22%. Whether or not you believe that global warming is a reality, I believe all nations should take more responsibility for their choices in consumption and the associated impacts those choices have, so that we leave a lovely clean planet for our children.

Can you ride a bike, take the bus, or walk to work or school once in a while?

Can you vow to decline single-use plastic bags as much as possible?

Do you recycle every bit of plastic you can? This is a significant act. Plastic is so pervasive in our society and economy. It’s a petroleum-based material, so the more we can move away from buying and using plastic containers, clothes (I know, I love fleece, too!), bags, toys (so hard!), furniture, dishes, and pretty much everything else, the less we have to destroy our earth and water resources (and ultimately ourselves) to get more petroleum.

We all know this, but how much do we practice it? Recycling can be a chore, it’s messy, and mysterious (where I live, apparently our recyclables are sent to China). However, it really gives one a reality check about how much waste is produced by one person or a family. The plastic bags alone are staggering. Once you start collecting every little wrapper, piece of plastic wrap, and bag, you’ll soon have your own gyre (5gyres.org) growing behind the garage (because I keep forgetting to bring it to the local recycling outlet).

When I start to imagine every household that doesn’t divert plastic from landfills or improperly disposes of it, I see lots of animals suffering and ugly new mountain ranges of garbage rising around us.

Find a patch of green space in your urban neighbourhood and start a community garden. C’mon, if not you, who? Many hands make small work.

Look at children. Imagine the world they will inherit from us. Look at your lifestyle and examine the ramifications  your daily choices, habits, purchases might have ….Then multiply it by our population numbers and imagine, feel the cumulative effects. It makes your head spin. It’s overwhelming to think about the driving political and commercial interests behind it all, but small changes and community efforts can have a big impact.

Create a petition! Change.org has an online tool. This is a tremendously effective way to create positive change by effecting policies and making your voice heard by your representatives. After all, if they are representing you, hold them accountable for what matters to you and the kids and the elders of the Earth (they are sensitive). It doesn’t take too much time.

Look into Hemp as biofuel. The U of Connecticut has done a study about it. In California, Governor Brown signed SB 566, legalizing industrial hemp in our state! Very exciting! Nothing to fear about drugs, but rather a wonderful and sustainable resource that can supply textiles, paper, foods, and fuel. Google it to be amazed. Imagine the possibilities.

Study astronomy and cosmos. Once you know about space and Earth ‘s miraculous position in our tiny corner of the universe, you’ll feel at once extremely insignificant and incredibly important, yet fragile. At least, that’s how I feel…. We are an infinitesimal speck in the granduer of the cosmos, yet our beautiful planet and the beings upon it are glorious miracles to be beheld with awe, protected, and respected.

Have a clean & positive day. Be wise and well. If not you, who. If not now, when?


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