“If you focus only on results, you won’t see change. If you focus on change, you will see results”

I’ve created a mini workshop for effective goal setting. Get some friends together and let’s reach new personal heights together! It’s working for me…I’ve lost 6 out of the 10 pounds I’m trying to lose.  Most importantly, I’m making healthier choices …I feel better already.

Since it’s challenging to always eat the way we know we are supposed to,  I want to share some quick recipe/prep ideas to make eating more veggies, morning, noon, and night easier.

Shred veggies and toss them in eggs for a tasty, healthy scramble.

Shred veggies, pat dry, and toss them in during the final 30 seconds of cooking breakfast potatoes.

Make a green drink every day. Use spinach, kale, chard, any dark, leafy green. Blend or juice some oranges or kiwi and you’ve got a powerful glass full of vitamins. If you don’t have a juicer, you should! However, they can be spendy, so a blender and a seive will work.

Lettuce wrap: tuna, shredded veggies, touch of favorite dressing wrapped in lettuce leaves. Add a smidge of hummus or another favorite spread. Skipping the bread sometimes can help you feel lighter. The fullness you feel will be from nutrient-dense vegetables and low-fat proteins.

Yes, shredded veggies are so versatile, easy to eat (especially for kids), quick to prep (kids can help!), Can be added to anything in a raw or nearly raw state because of the small pieces. Veggies thinly sliced (use the slicer on the cheese grater to save time) and tossed in a pan (for only a few seconds at the end) with some tofu and Bragg’s liquid aminos, Spike flavoring, curry powder, or whatever you like.

KALE is a super leafy green full of goodness. Here are my favorite ways to eat it:

Chopped thinly, mid rib removed, and sprinkled over pizza dough, before the sauce goes on. It’s hidden, so kids eat it!

Kale chips:  toss leaves in extra virgin olive oil, grapeseed, or coconut oil and drench in favorite flavorings, such as crushed red peppers or a nut butter/seed blend, chopped garlic , salt & pepper,etc. Bake on very low temp ~175-200 until crisp or use a dehydrator.

Almond butter and miso kale chips recipe :

Kale salad: I found a recipe on the back of a pearled pasta box that’s basically a few handfuls of shredded kale, juice of a lemon, juice of 1 /2 orange, toasted walnuts, cranberries, a touch of sweetener like honey, lemon and orange zest to taste, salt n pepper, and grain or pasta of choice (l like Israeli pearled couscous or kamut). Toss and let sit for a while in fridge.

Stay tuned


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